Friday, April 19, 2013


First, if you knit, check out Rachael's post about a way we can help someone impacted by the Boston bombing. I'm so happy to find something I can do.

Second, a coworker is taking a knitting class, and we were talking about tools. It made me think of my own knitting tools that I carry with me. I keep them in a $2 makeup bag. My highly original and clever name for this bag is Purple Bag, as in, "Andrew, have you see the Purple Bag?" He knows exactly what I mean when I ask that.

Not everyone can have my level of creativity. Please don't feel inadequate.

Here are the contents of the Purple Bag:

There is a needle sizer/stitch gauge; stitch holders in various sizes; small sharp scissors; the felt needle holder (I post about making it here) with yarn needles of various sizes; a tape measure; point protectors you put on the end of needles to theoretically keep your stitches from falling off but actually the point protectors pop off and make you furious; a cable needle; a highlighter, yellow because all highlighters should be yellow; a pen and pencil; a couple small crochet hooks for dropped stitches; post-its in small and large size; stitch markers in small, large and pretty; and row counters. I also have a ponytail holder in mine, but I'm not sure why.

The only addition I can think of is highlighter tape. I just have never purchased any.

I also use sock knitting holders like these, and I can't recommend them highly enough. (See above rage with point protectors. They are liars. Dirty, tricky liars.)

The other knitting tool I use a lot is the Chart Keeper. My complaint is that the magnets aren't strong enough. It isn't unusual to open it and find that it's not really marking my row anymore.

You know, I think I should buy some highlighter tape.

I'm interested in the tools other people use. Do you have a favorite tool that you think I should add?

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  1. You need one of these:
    I've heard of row counting bracelets but have yet to see one I'd wear and this way, you have to knit past the row counter, so you never forget to update it. awesome sauce.