Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty McCraftermeier

I love etsy. I love that people who enjoy crafting but only have so many people in their lives who want sequined toilet roll covers can sell them to people who desparately need sequined toilet roll covers but aren't crafty.

The sad thing about etsy is that people sometimes decide they don't want to sell anymore. This happens immediately after I find them and decide their stuff is brilliant and I want to buy it all for myself. Bam! Seller is gone the next day.

Using Amazon's universal wishlist button, I had put a needle book on my Christmas list. The purpose of this little felt miracle is to store all those needles that end up in the bottom of your knitting bag--the ones you need to weave in your ends and finish your knitwear. Nonknitters know not of what I speak, but knitters understand. I've lost whole days digging around in the bottom of my knitting bag looking for a blunt needle and cursing.

Andrew tried to buy it for me and, well, Bam! Seller gone.

I couldn't find anything else like it, probably because other people don't see the need for a needle book. At some point in my online search, I realized, "Hey. This is made of felt and thread and glue. I could do this. I make sweaters out of string. I can cut a piece of felt."

So, I did.

It's kitschy and obviously handmade. I love it.

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