Sunday, November 30, 2014

Friendsgiving 2014



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I decided not to knit my mom a pair of socks for Christmas.

Then I knit my mom a pair of socks for Christmas.

Sailor's Delight (remember them from here?), 
mine ravelled here, knit in Knitpicks' Felici, Jingle colorway (discontinued)

Turns out, when I stopped trying to rework the stitch pattern and just knit them as written, they worked just fine. Funny how that happens.

As you probably know, I love Felici yarn and was really upset when Knitpicks discontinued it. I have a somewhat embarrassingly large stash of it--wouldn't fit in a bread box, would fit in a Tardis--and I'm determined to use all most of it. This colorway, Jingle, is a perfect example why their last run of colors didn't sell well. It's supposed to be Christmas-y, but the red is... off. It's an odd, almost burnt red rather than a true red. Luckily, my mom liked the colors.

One down, fourteen more colors to go!

Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm busy, but not with things I can share on the blog. I have reached the point where the guest room looks like there's been an explosion--it won't get better until I start wrapping Christmas presents, so it's best to just shut the door and pretend the room doesn't exist. When I get another present made or purchased, I can close my eyes, open the door, and chuck it in.

Minutia (mine ravelled here),
knit in scrap yarn from god-knows-where

Secrecy binds me on nearly everything, but I did make this little hat. It's Packers colors. I not only do not care about Green Bay, but I think football is a tremendous waste of time. I fully recognize that tons of people feel the same way about baseball. The difference, of course, is that I am right and they are wrong.

Anyway, I made this little ornament for a teenager who clearly will not read this blog. It's part of Berroco's 2014 ornament patterns set, which includes a sweater, this hat, a mitten, and another sweater which honestly doesn't look like a sweater at all. The patterns are free, cute, and use up very little yarn. I think I had this done while in the car driving from one errand to the next and the next and the next one Saturday. (Andrew drove.) AND I got to use my new pompom maker, which is more fun than it has a right to be.

Check out the pattern on Berroco's website here and have fun!