Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Thumb Mojo

I've been surprised at my lack of excitement about planting this year. In my part of the world, you're supposed to plant your garden on or after May 15. Plant before that and you cannot complain if your plants get bitten by frost. Some people say Mother's Day is the safe date, but I think those people are optimistic liars.

By this point in the year, I typically have spent many hours pondering the Burpee catalogue and I already have seeds started. Here's a record of my impatience last year.

Back on my birthday, I nearly slipped and ordered seeds, but I didn't place the order. Then I was given a Burpee gift certificate from one of my sisters, but I can't figure out what I want to get.

I made the decision--a good one, I believe--not to start seeds this year. I simply don't have good luck with seeds. I feel like I do everything right, but the seedlings are never as healthy as the plants I buy at a garden center. So, in an act of resigned acceptance, I decided I would not start seeds this year.*

Another factor, I'm sure, is that we've had horrible, horrible heat the past two summers. I've lost some perennials, the vegetable garden didn't do well. I am grateful I didn't lose any trees or shrubs. Lots and lots of people did. It's hard to get excited about being outside when you believe the weather will kill your plants and attempt to kill you as well.

I was feeling sad about my lack of enthusiasm when a friend told me he'd been at Lowe's, and they had nicely-sized Hellebore orientalis (Lenten rose)** for $13.

Bam! I'm back.

*I may have thrown some gloriosa daisy seeds in a planter, but that hardly counts. 

**I have a long and difficult relationship with these plants. I plant them, they die. I plant them, they die. I have one that seems to have survived the winter, and I bought two more because I cannot help myself. I find them irresistible.


  1. Welcome back! May all of you thrive.


  2. looking forward to seeing your plant progress this summer. We actually got rain this week. The bluebonnets soaked it up and look better for it.