Friday, April 12, 2013


I was tricked into knitting these socks. My niece is fourteen, and I've let her know that although I love her, I will not knit her socks until she stops traipsing about outside in them.

Can you imagine? OUTSIDE in SOCKS.

Really, it's for the good of our relationship for me not to knit socks for her.

However, she, my sister, and my nephew are going to Alaska in June on a mission trip. My mother has knit a pair of socks for my nephew, and she promised to knit my niece a pair.

You see where this is headed.

 Plain Socks (mine ravelled here),
knit in Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, Sporty Stripes (55617) colorway

Mom is deep in Baby Knitting season, that weird period when a bunch of babies are due in a clump. She's working on blankets for them and was afraid she wouldn't have time to get the socks finished. She asked me if I would use the yarn she bought and knit them for her.

Self-striping yarn amuses me, it was nice to have an easy project to turn to when I became tired of the wrap, and my mom is thrilled that they're finished, so I'm calling it a win on all counts.

But she'd better not wear them outside without shoes.


  1. these are very summery. it was really nice of you to fall on your knitting needles for her.