Thursday, April 25, 2013

Contemplating Color

I love gray. It can’t be gray with brown tones; that’s a sad color. But pure, silvery gray? I’d knit that every day.

And, let’s be honest. I do knit with it a lot. Besides liking gray on its own, I think it's a great color to use when you want another color to really pop.

The other colors I’m drawn to are royal purple, kelly green and light pink.

I used to wear a lot of blue, and I think I shy away from it now because I felt that everything I owned was blue. Still, our entryway is painted cobalt, and our bedroom is a light-medium blue. When I saw Klein Blue at MoMA, I couldn’t look away. I think it's beautiful.

If I look through my projects just at the things I've knit for myself, here is what I see.  

Rampant socks (current knitting) - shades of dark pink, berry tones

The cabled wrap is gray.

The grieving socks are gray.

Nori is a kelly-ish green.

Talamh is a lime-y green.

I've also done a couple of colorwork pieces recently that have lots of bright colors coupled with black. 

When I think about sweaters I have planned, two are gray, and one is purple. For someone who likes light pink, I have surprisingly little of it in my knitting.

I've been working hard to not have so many variegated sock yarns in my stash. When I shop, I'm drawn to them. Then I have trouble finding a pattern that I feel shows up well within the color riot of the yarn. It's hard for me, but I have been working to buy semisolid colors.

I suppose the color gray fits in with the Manatee, which makes me feel a bit sad because it feeds into the stereotype of Boring Granny Knitter, the curse of the House of Manatee. I feel like I often have to explain myself when I say that my favorite color is gray. It isn't that I'm boring or afraid of strong colors. It's just that gray feels so comfortable, and it plays so nicely with other colors.

Then again, I probably shouldn't care what other people think, and being boring is misunderstood.


  1. Grey can be beautiful, and a beautiful knit in grey is one of the cosiest things on earth. I think the trick might be tio use a beautiful pattern, with interesting stitches or texture, but in its simplest form it still lovely.

  2. There's nothing wrong with grey...or granny knitters! I know a few that are far from boring. I'm also a big fan of grey as you can see from my colour post. So, be proud and embrace what you love! No explanation necessary. :-)

  3. I love grey in all its forms and I agree that it pops other colours. Our house interior is all painted in silvery grey - it looks luxuriously and classy.

  4. Gray is not boring. It matches EVERYTHING and thus is full of magic and wonder!
    Manatees are incredibly charming.
    You're not a Granny Knitter. You and I will both be old knitters one day if we're lucky, but today is not that day. Get the Nori out and take that business all in. Nori was knit by a young hot knitter. I know these things.