Sunday, April 28, 2013


Looking Forward: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013 Day Seven

I have a confession.
I'm scared of steeks.
In my defense, who wouldn't be? It's unnatural to use scissors on knit fabric. (Actually, be sure to read that as "scissors on knit fabric" with a hint of hysteria in your voice.)
Kate Davies' directions require crochet. I know there are other directions that don't, but she sounds so confident that nothing bad will happen if I follow her tutorial that I plan to follow her tutorial to the letter.
But I really can't crochet.
This can be dealt with, of course. I will invite a friend over who does know how to crochet. She will help me. Between a friendly human crocheter and the Happy Hooker book, surely I can figure it out.
I like knitting in the round. I like cardigans. Clearly, steeks need to be a technique I conquer.
I even have a sweater kit to use.

Knitpicks' Falling Stars cardigan
Image from here.

Looking forward, my goal is to knit this sweater. I suspect that it isn't nearly as hard as I've made it in my head, and that I'll feel silly for avoiding steeks for so long.



  1. you can practice on something a cowl or even a swatch. I've only cut a swatch so go first. :)

  2. Have you seen the post on Cozy Made Thing's blog, a couple of months ago? She did a similar sweater with steek.

  3. Go for it! And I'm a steeker now if you need to meet up for some moral support! I used my sewing machine to reinforce the stitches instead of crochet and it did just fine.