Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Christmas in April

The cabled wrap is finished. I'm not showing it to you until I have good pictures. This will involve heels. Clearly, this sort of thing does not happen every day. You'll have to wait until mid-May, and only then if all goes well. This project has been tormenting me since 2011, so what's another month?
Hope that helps, and I apologize if it didn't.
Let's look at something else!
When I began to hope that the end of the wrap might occur before my death, I began thinking about what I could knit next.
It needed to be fast.
Very fast.
So I made Christmas ornaments.
I knit little baskets out of scrap yarn, and then wound three tiny yarn balls to go in each basket. The knitting needles are made out of toothpicks and wooden beads (like I used here). I'm thrilled to find another opportunity to use those wooden beads. I still have a bunch left over. How many more things can I find to make that need toothpick knitting needles?
The pattern for these is free and here.
Once I got started, I had a problem stopping.

In my defense--

Never mind. If making eight tiny knitting baskets to hang on Christmas trees is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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  1. oh. my. gosh! Those are beyond cute. What's beyond cute? I don't know, but these are. and the cream basket on the right with the multicolored balls looks straight out of a magazine ad! oh, and the brown basket with the red, white and blue! I love them all!!!

    Now you've done it. I want to knit Christmas ornaments too!