Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Right Tool

I feel somewhat embarrassed by this post because I'm going to talk about a tool that is expensive when compared to other, similar products.

Did anybody guess Signature needles

Rampant socks (mine ravelled here),
size 2.5mm signature dpns

I only own one set, and they are by far my favorite knitting needles. I bought a set of dpns in the size I most often use to knit socks, and I am sad whenever I find a pattern that needs a different size needle.

I prefer metal needles over wood, and I want tips that are dangerously pointy. I chose the 6" with stiletto tips. They're delightfully pointy, but they would not be ideal if you were using a yarn that easily splits. That's a tradeoff I'm happy to accept.

I know they're expensive. That's why I only have one size.  Someday I may get more, but I want to be sure I buy a set that I'll use a lot. I believe this set of four was $45. (The webiste shows they've gone up to $47.) If you think about the amount of hours I've used these needles, they begin to seem pretty reasonably priced.

It's true that sometimes poor workers blame their tools, but it is also true that the right tool makes the work infinitely more pleasurable.

I love to knit.

I love to knit socks.

I love to knit socks with my favorite needles.

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