Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The desire to buy yarn for a sweater is strong.

Actually, the desire to buy yarn for two sweaters is strong.

I recently bought the Colette sweater pattern after I saw Rachael Herron's version. Have you ever seen a better looking sweater? Nor have I. Buying a sweater's worth of yarn is fairly stressful to me, but this has become more confusing due to the fact that Rachael used a sport-weight yarn while the pattern calls for worsted. It puts me into a yarn-driven coma, where I sit drooling at the computer, repeatedly clicking through the "yarn ideas" pages for this pattern.

Then there's the Trolley Dodger.

It's a baseball sweater.  A BASEBALL SWEATER!! I realize that it's April and the chance of me being able to wear this sweater anytime in the next six months is very, very small. I know this. Yet I still have to have a mental sit-down with myself to stop myself from ordering a jillion red and black balls of something lovely. (The fact that the suggested yarn and pattern would cost me $92 is helpful in cooling my enthusiasm.) But it's a baseball sweater, people! A sweater to be worn while watching baseball!

I blame the cabled wrap for my current sweater obsession.* The cabled wrap (although going well--hooray!) is incredibly boring 91.67% of the time**, which means that my brain wants to think up something else to knit instead.

I'm not going to buy more yarn though. I'm not going to cast on for a new sweater. I'm going to continue to work 2 x 2 ribbing in laceweight yarn, and I am going to focus on how lovely the finished product will be. I'm going to persevere and be faithful to the wrap.

Except for a pair of socks. But I'm knitting those at my mother's request, so they don't even count, do they? I didn't think so.

*I mean, really, why not blame it? It's put me through a lot of grief. 

**Yes, that's an actual calculation.


  1. love her version! You should totally knit one. :)...and turns out she's an author. might have to check out one of her books.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I've done a couple of White Lies designs patterns, and the operative word in that is LIES... because that's what the pattern does to you. At least, it did on the three I tried (I gave up on two of them, and I am not a quitter! I also learned many a new curse word on the third.). So. Pretty, yes. But I'd find a copy and read through it before you actually pay for it. Just my two cents!