Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I never cease to be amazed after blocking lace. It makes such a difference. Nori was pretty even while on the needles, something that's not been true with lace in my experience.  

Squenchy, but pretty.

I blocked it last night, and I really stretched it to get it to be close to the measurements listed on the pattern (60" x 25")

Nori (mine ravelled here),
knit in Dream in Color Starry, Emerald Darkness colorway (I think)

Look how pretty the stitches became.

Crap. I see a mistake. Please ignore it.

It's drape-y and delightful. This yarn has a little thread of silver going through it, and I think that makes this a little fancier than it would be in plain yarn. I rarely need fancy, but I don't mind rocking a fancy shawl with jeans. (In fact, I believe everything should be rocked with jeans.)

I mentioned it before: This project has lace on every side. Note to non-knitter-of-lace: Often in lace projects, the right side (the side facing you) has fancy lace stitches and the back side is plain. So you get a break and get to do something easy every other row. This pattern had fancy lace stitches on every row, so you had to pay attention all the time.

If I can do this, I certainly can make that cabled wrap. I have (once again) cast on. Onward and upward.

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  1. Amazingly beautiful. I love all the photos too.