Monday, March 11, 2013

Spirals, Spit Splicing, and Success

Once I started knitting Andrew's hat, I had a very hard time stopping.

So, basically, I didn't. 

Brain Wave (mine ravelled here),
knit in Crystal Palace Yarns' Mini Mochi in colorway 103

The combination of knitting with two balls at once and multiple colors in each ball makes this hat look crazy hard. It was not. The ribbing was slow because I don't purl well with my left hand. (I do it combination style, and that means I have to purl through the back loop and blah blah blah.) Once I got to the stockinette part, it became lots faster.

I did cut the yarn and spit splice a couple of times because I didn't like how the colors were progressing on their own. I'm glad I did. There are a couple of places where the colors get a little muddy, but there would have been big swaths of muddiness had I not forced the colors to do what I wanted.

Most importantly, it fits! It covers Andrew's ears and is tight, two things that are Imperative Hat Qualities in Andrew's book.

I meant to do a very lightweight hat. Although I did knit it with lightweight yarn, it is stranded. That means it's two thicknesses of yarn instead of one. He'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it, but it's possible I'll end up knitting another hat someday that's a single thickness of lightweight yarn.

That's okay. I have a lot of knitting years left. It's a relief to still have no problem finding projects to queue.


  1. kudos on your yarn breaking skillz.

  2. My husband could totally use another hat! It's awesome. As usual, I am super impressed!

  3. In another lifetime I knit 3 caps with a very similar swirl pattern. but they were seamed. (not in the round, not double pointed needles).

    (I'm very beginnery). and my hands are NOT spry, so need to keep it simple. does this pattern happen to include how to knit this cap on two straight needles? "Flat" I guess you'd say? It seems like there are not such patterns around any more - and of the few things I did knit in the past that is the one pattern that is lost!