Monday, March 4, 2013

Harriette's Knit Knook Visit

Andrew and I were on vacation last week. We stayed at a state park Sunday through Thursday and then spent the long weekend at home. We did some great hiking, and I'll have a few pictures later this week. But first, yarn!

I distinctly remember reading that there was a fad of people posting youtube videos of things they bought. I didn't understand it at all. Who cares what other people buy at the mall? What sort of drivel is that?

Then I realized that I absolutely am interested in the yarn that is purchased by bloggers I follow. Huh. I would like to believe this is completely different than those youtube videos, but I'm not sure I have a strong case.

Anyhoo, I bought yarn. We went to a little shop called Harriette's Knit Knook in Madison, Indiana (on the Ohio River). The owner was very kind, and we had a nice visit. I bought some new-to-me yarn: Araucania Itata Solid. It's a fingering-weight yarn made of 70% wool, 15% bamboo and 15% silk. In a great show of restraint, I purchased two solid colors. I know that I often want very highly-patterned socks, and I need solid colors so the pattern doesn't get lost amidst the color. It's just hard to choose solid colors when I'm in a store surrounded by pretty variegated yarn.

Andrew picked out two balls of Mini Moochi. I haven't used this yarn before, but it looks similar to Chroma in that it has long repeats and is basically a single. I'm thinking this should become a hat rather than socks. I think the yarn will wear better as a hat, and Andrew has been wearing a STOREBOUGHT hat when he needs something lightweight. Clearly, this is a problem that needs solving, and I am the girl to solve it.


  1. You are definitely the girl to solve it.

  2. Congrats on the new yarn! can't wait to hear your thoughts on it as it knits up and to see the hat! This is totally different than youtube videos of stuff bought at the mall. It's YARN. :)

    I may or may not have bought The Husband a hat that I think was knit by someone else. It looks like a racoon and they yarn would have cost me more than the hat PLUS, it would have required assembly. His head would have been cold for a long time. :)