Monday, March 18, 2013

Lynn's Linaria Bipartita

My very good friend Lynn requested socks that were denim-y and rose. It took some searching, but I found this:

 Buffy Sock yarn, colorway Wistful
purchased from JunoFibreArts

I used a pattern from Hunter Hammersen's The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet. The pattern is beautiful.

Linaria Bipartita socks (mine ravelled here)

It's a 16 row repeat, and it took me a long time to be able to really see the pattern. That's no fault of the pattern; I'm not particularly visual and it takes awhile before the chart really begins making sense to me.

It was definitely worth it though. The texture is very interesting and has a ton of stretch.

This is the knitting I did during our vacation. I like to believe it has good vacation-y energy in it.

Lynn's one of my closest friends and knows more about energy and healing than anyone I know. She's always willing to help me when I need to get rid of some negative energy, and that happens pretty often. May her feet be warm and may she always know how much I appreciate her!

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  1. Thank you, love. The socks are wonderful. :)