Friday, March 8, 2013

Technological Innovation Needed

Let's be honest: What we really need is the Internet to be able to see the image in our brains and find us information pertaining to that image.

For example, the Internet needs to take a look at the stained glass lamp that hung beside my Grandfather's chair. All of the grandkids (and probably great-grandkids) learned their colors by sitting on his lap and pointing to the different glass in that lamp. I would like to own a replica, and yet the Internet can't seem to figure out the exact lamp we're looking for.

Stupid Internet.

Also, there's a green--a glorious, grassy green that makes me happy. The Internet needs to look at that green and find me yarn in that color.

It's sort of like this:

(Don't ask. I'm not sure what it is.) But it's not quite that.

And it's sort of like this:

But it's not quite that. When I saw this cardigan, the Burdock cardigan from the book November Knits and also Interweave Knits Winter 2012 edition, I loved it immediately. I then realized that although the pattern is cute, what I really loved was the green.

But it's not quite the right green.

There is a distinct possibility that the green in my head doesn't really exist, that it's just a huge collection of not this and not that.

If anyone knows of a great green that's sort of kelly but not too yellow and not too blue, let me know.

The Internet can't.


  1. Good For Ewe Kettle Steps, Enchanting Emerald.

    1. I'm looking forward to its release! Give a shout when it's ready.

  2. Plucky Knits has some really nice greens. I have Oz and it is gorgeous.

    Jolly Green looks pretty nice also.

    you can sign up for her email updates to get alerted when she updates her shop. Her stuff is a little hard to get, but it is lovely!