Friday, February 22, 2013

Flower Shower Socks

Although I don't like knitting gray in the winter, I love gray and knit it anyway. I got tired of these socks before they were finished, but that's expected when I knit with gray in February. 

I love the finished product though! I'm wearing them today, and they're lovely.

 Flower Shower Socks (mine ravelled here),
knit in Simply Socks Yarn Company in Slate

I bought two skeins of slate and two skeins of brown yarn when I took a field trip to Simply Socks Yarn Company in Fort Wayne, IN. It was nice to work from two skeins because when I had a bit leftover after finishing the first sock, I felt reassured that I would have enough for the second. This pattern is knit on smaller-than-normal needles (for me, at least), and it has 72 stitches in the round instead of my usual 64. I was relieved to see that I was going to have enough yarn. I did an extra flower on the toes of each just for fun.

The pattern isn't difficult, although the rounds with a k3tog present a challenge. I had a hard time getting the needle to go through all three stitches--I blame the lace holes a couple of rows down--, but since that only happened every sixth row or so, it wasn't too bad. I'd knit these again, and I'd use a solid or semisolid so the pattern doesn't get lost. These are too pretty to use a variegated yarn.

Now I'm off to find something more colorful to knit...

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  1. So pretty, and I especially love the extra flower on the toe!