Monday, February 4, 2013

Boys Count, Too

At the synagogue where I work, there's a large early childhood center. They have a big auction, and one of the teachers asked if I would knit something.

She wanted a matching scarf and hat set for "mommy and me." I hope this means that she wants an adult and a child sized thing, 'cause that's what I did.

I told her that I wouldn't knit hats. The people at this auction will have kids of varying sizes. Scarf length can be faked; hat circumferences cannot.

I knit those floofy scarves--you know the ones I mean.

Ruffle Scarf #5440 (mine ravelled here),
knit in Patons Pirouette in Lavender

Knitting these two scarves was a buzz. SO FAST.


One ball makes one scarf, so I made them the same length. I hope that little girls will like to wrap floofy scarves in ways befitting princesses and movie stars.

I realize this is based on an illustration on the front of a children's book that I saw in the library display case. It's possible I am not correct in this hope.

Anyway, shortly after the coworker asked me to knit the stuff, my inner liberal began to get angry.

Really? A Mommy and Me scarf set? Because only mommies are important? Because girls like to look like their mommies but boys don't want to look like their daddies? Why not make a mix and match scarf set SO ALL FAMILIES CAN BE HONORED.

You see where this is going.

Father & Son scarves (2x2 rib for 20 sts for adult and 12 sts for child),
knit in Lion Brand Homespun, Nouveau color
mine ravelled here

Really, I'm grateful I was able to stop myself here and not insist on knitting for every possible family combination. Two daddies and one daughter! Two mommies, one daughter, two sons! One grandma and two grandsons!

I hope no one infers from this that I don't believe other types of families are just as important as more "traditional" families, whatever that means.

I just want to get back to knitting for myself.


  1. I just finished two floofy scarves too! for my nieces. must be something in the air! :) I applaud your equal opportunity knitting!!!

  2. Oh, Bonnie! LOL, seriously. I made one of "those" scarves and tried to give it to my sister--she declined!(with appreciation, of course). But still. Love yours--it will be treasured, I'm sure!

  3. Hah! As someone who would have needed a daddy-and-daughter set, I would have (er, when I was young, not now) gone for the ruffly option for both, and made my daddy wear a ruffly scarf because it would have been what I liked. And you know what? He would have been totally down with that, and rocked it. ;-)