Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cabled Wrap - Can I Get an Amen?

Tonight was the work event that necessitated me borrowing a dress, putting on heels, a squisher, a hairdo with more bobbypins that I can count, and....
knit in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, Smoke Heather colorway
the cabled wrap.
This wrap had a long and painful journey*, and I'm really glad to get some wear out of it before it truly turns hot. I think I'll wear it a lot--I hope I'll wear it a lot. I'd better wear it a lot.
I knit it narrower than the pattern called for. I used 120 stitches and also omitted the garter stitch edge. After blocking, it measures 14.5" x 72".
Once I was safely finished casting off, I calculated how many stitches are in this little wrap.
Not including the cast on or bind off, there are 47,400 stitches.

I'm grateful to be in my pajamas, grateful to have washed my hair twice to rid it of the stench and stiffness of hairspray, grateful that the most strenuous thing I'm doing tomorrow is meeting a friend for lunch (while wearing jeans and a t-shirt), and grateful to be going to bed.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

*If you want to read more of this sad tale, you can here and here.


  1. Amen! :-)
    Your hair looks great - would have loved a close up.
    I've no idea what a squisher is?
    The cabled wrap is simply gorgeous!