Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"It's Not a Problem. It's a Challenge."*

I've become obsessed with ideas for the scarf. After work, I couldn't come up with a good enough excuse to skip yoga class**, but I found that my mind kept travelling to knitting instead of focusing on the stretch.


Let go


When I did park myself on the couch to knit last night, I was marveling at how delightful it was to knit little hearts on a gray background. So pretty! What a fun project! The hard cast on was behind me, and glorious stranded knitting stretched out in front of me like a gorgeous field of wildflowers. This project was so great that I thought of it in terms of similes.

As I spread it out to admire my progress on the third row of hearts, I noticed something.

A weird bunching.

A weird bunching that didn't go away as I tried to smooth it out.

I had twisted the stitches when I joined to knit in the round. I had knit the thing into a mobius strip. 

I spent a few minutes trying to think of a way to fix it without doing what I knew I needed to do to fix it. Then I took a deep breath, pulled out the needles and started frogging.

In good news, I did much better with the provisional cast on this time. GLASS HALF FULL.

*That's a line from The Last 5 Years by Jason Robert Brown. The character is talking about staying faithful to his wife, but he could be singing about knitting. The sentiment is the same.

**I certainly tried.

  • It's too pretty to go to yoga. (yoga is 75 minutes, not 75 days)
  • I need to go home and walk the dog. (Andrew did that)
  • I need to knit. (It is a fact that I need to work out more than I need to knit)
  • There's a plant in the car and it might get stressed with heat. (It's 60 degrees and the plant is a Japanese anemone. It'll be alive even after the war comes: Japanese anemone, chives, and termites will freely roam the scorched earth. Yes, in my head the plants are able to walk. Just go with it.)


  1. this happened to me also when I'm in yoga class. I think a lot about my knitting, even while working.

    I love colorful projects. I'm looking forward to your moeb... ehm, cowl! sometimes it's better to frog and start over. Take it as a lesson :-)

  2. I cannot WAIT to see how this progresses! More pictures! More pictures!