Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fast vs. Sloooooow

The Inlay Socks are slow. Pretty, but slow. I'll love them once they're done, but slow.

The "My Favorite Things" Infinity Scarf is slow. Fun, but slow. Using up scrap yarn, but slow.

I've been uninterested in knitting for the last several days. I decided it was because I couldn't see the end of either of those projects coupled with the fact that I won't need to wear either of them until fall.

You know how I get when I have more than one project going. I can handle two... except when I can't. Any more than two and I begin to twitch.

However, there was a project that had been hibernating so long that I didn't even count it as a work in progress anymore.

I don't remember the details, but Knitpicks gave away a skein of Biggo sometime in the fall when you made an order. I ordered the Cobblestone Heather colorway, naturally,* and I found the Clara Cowl when I was surfing Ravelry looking for possible projects.

A skein of Biggo has 110 yards.

The Clara Cowl needed 110 yards.

I'm a whore for cables.


If by "done," you understand that I buggered it up completely, fixed that, and then ran out of yarn six rows from the end.

And the yarn was backordered.

For months and months.

I became tired of my ravelry projects' page judging me every time I looked at it and saw the Clara Cowl with its never-changing progress percent. I put it in hibernation and hid it at the bottom of my page.

The yarn is back in stock, and I recently received my second skein. I decided that knitting the Clara Cowl in the length specified in the pattern would make the cowl too tight. I would feel a bit like I was being strangled, and being strangled by soft, fluffy yarn is still being strangled. I knit until I nearly finished the second skein and then did the fiddly kitchner join that made this a cowl instead of a scarf.

When November comes, I'll be ready.

Until then, maybe I'm ready to go back to fingering weight yarn for awhile.

*Stop judging me. Gray is beautiful.

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  1. I like the gray.....and I sure do appreciate the warning about the Inlays!