Monday, May 6, 2013

Socks with Phlox

I took some photos of the Rampant socks this morning before heading to work. I love the way these socks turned out.

Rampant socks (mine ravelled here),
knit in Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock,
Berry Tart colorway

I preordered Hunter Hammersen's new book, Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Vol. II, and Hunter gave away two patterns with the preorder. I chose Rampant and Xanthophyll.

Andrew bought me this yarn. It has enough variegation to be interesting but not so much that the pattern gets lost.

These socks are sitting on a bed of Phlox subulata. For most of the year, this is a boring, prickly plant that spreads like mad. For a couple of weeks though, it's a sea of beautiful pink flowers. Every year I think about ripping it out, remembering what a pain it is to weed, how it gets brown and ugly during the heat of summer, how it tries to elbow out all the other plants in the beds. Then, as if it knows what I'm thinking, it blooms like this. The mass of pink blooms in our front flower beds can be seen from space. It's gorgeous.

Survival of the fittest.


  1. Wonderful summer colors! And flowers, too! And the scarf, or is it a cowl (?), in fair isle... to DIE for! I understand totally: I'm always most proud when I use stash/leftover yarns. It's just getting better and better...

  2. sneaky sneaky plants! (I like the sox!)