Friday, May 31, 2013

WIP: "My Favorite Things" Infinity Scarf

I've been doing some gift knitting that I won't post about until way later this year, but I've made some progress on the scarf as well.
Yesterday I finished a motif roughly based on a chart from Spindleknitter's Stockings and then did a skyline based on this hat.

The scarf is getting pretty long. It's around 45" or so right now, and the designer said hers was 62" and was the correct length to wrap twice around her neck. I don't think it will grow much when it's blocked, so I have room for a few more charts. This is great because once I started looking, I found a lot of charts I loved!

The next motif to go in is Scribble. I liked this pattern so much when I saw it that I tried to convince people they wanted me to knit them that vest. That didn't work, so I'm very excited to use it on the scarf.

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  1. Fun scarf! I might try that some day. I bought Mary Jane Mucklestone's book of fair isle motifs, could just knit my way through it with a scarf.