Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dear Malibrigo Lace: Bite me.

I'm not superstitious.  Really, I'm not.  But this yarn is trying my patience and making me question what I thought I knew to be true about the properties of wool.

I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to make this yarn into a stole.  I blamed the needle.  I blamed the yarn. I blamed the pattern.  I blamed myself. 

A friend helped me find a different pattern.  Beautiful, reversible, and cabled.  Sound familiar?  It looked similar to the Jeanie, but there were no #$&%(_ knitting through the back loop and no *(#_%^ dropped stitches.  This would be better.

Before I go any further, let me just say: I'm a good knitter.

It is also true that I don't always read the pattern as carefully as I should.  Several rows into this new stole, I realized I hadn't been knitting the first four and last four stitches of the row correctly.  No problem.   I would spread it out on the conference room table at lunch, tackle it with a cool head, steely determination, and a crochet hook.

I guess I'll cast on again tonight.



  1. First of all--my laugh for the morning has been met. I love that yarn! Second of all, you ARE a wonderful knitter and if I ever see you skeptical of a pattern's worth, it is banned from my EVER attempting it!

  2. Chicken Little is very funny! He's so sweet and puzzled looking, very adorable! I admire your tenacity with your knitting, bravo, that's just the way to win through with knitting, then it's fairly plain sailing! Vanessa xxx

  3. You know you'll love it when you conquer it! Bite it back! LOL