Friday, November 18, 2011

Button Necklace

I love the Internet. At the end of September, Wooly Wormhead posted about a necklace she made of buttons.  She had gotten the idea from Craftwerk.  I loved it.  This week, I made my own.

Fifty buttons in shades of gray, purchased off eBay for around $5 with shipping. A barrel clasp and some black silk thread from Michaels. That was it. It was easy and I love the result.

I would echo Wooly Wormhead's advice not to add too many metal buttons.  All of mine are plastic, and the resulting necklace is quite light. I think adding even a few metal buttons would really change the weight. This necklace is delightfully chunky-looking without being chunky-feeling.


  1. Lovely! I think button necklaces are very effective, and yours in the greys looks wonderful. I'm sure you'll get everyone asking you where you got it from! Vanessa xxx

  2. Lovely indeed! I also have button neck-art. Bought, not home made. I often catch strangers looking at the region between my shoulders and chin when I wear it.

    Ta for visiting QOTTC and loving my fair isle scarf. :-) More double knit coming.

    Very good cheer

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing.