Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hang Them With Care

Note to self: It's wise to finish Christmas gift knitting early for two reasons. 1) I have lots less time to knit during November and December than normal, what with wrapping and card writing and attending holiday parties with people I don't like.  2) Inevitably, I end up doing projects I didn't have on my list. 

In that spirit, I just finished Christmas stockings for two of my nephews.  My sister had knit stockings for her and her husband shortly after they were married, and she asked me to knit one for her firstborn when he came around.  I did, but I was new to knitting and didn't do a very good job.  (Contrast color?  We don't need no stinking contrast color!) Her second was born in May, and I decided I couldn't face knitting him a subpar one to match his brother's nor allowing the first one to hang by the new one.

So I knit two.

My sister is confident that she's not having a third child.

I'm a third child.  My parents thought they were done after sister #2, too.  I'M JUST SAYING.

I told her that if she does have a third, I'm going to reknit all three.  It's very clear that these two are a set. Doing a third with different colors wouldn't fit.

When we were kids, there were three elves that sat under our Christmas tree.  (Well, four.  Elmo was a light-up elf.   We're apparently really into elves.  They do all the real work of Christmas anyway.)  One elf wore red and white stripes, one wore green and white.  They had the same freaky oversized plastic face and splindly body. 

Do you know what my elf looked like?  He was green and stuffed, half the size of the other two, and looked a bit like a troll/elf lovechild who would be comfortable riding a (very small) Harley.  Every year, we put the two elves that matched under the tree and then we put the third, weird troll-like elf under there.  It was always clear to me that they had bought the first two together and then tried to figure out what to do when I came along later.

I'll knit them again if I need to.  Don't worry, Hypothetical Child Three: I've got your back.


  1. I couldn't stop laughing while reading this. Thanks for making me smile!

  2. What an amazing aunt you are! The stockings are splendid and so are you.

    Lynn (also #3)

  3. Dang... those stockings are enough to change my mind, and cast on... dang you! They are wonderful!