Friday, August 13, 2010

Dusty Corners Indeed

First: Caitlin asked me to link to the sweet Thai chili sauce with which I've become obsessed.  Here it is!

In May, I wasn't in love with the yarn color or the patterns that came with my sock club.  But July.  Oh, sweet July.

Both patterns were lovely.  Since there are two patterns and one skein of yarn, I picked another yarn from my stash for one of the patterns.

Dusty Corners pattern, KPPPM yarn in some colorway written sloppily so I can't read it

I bought KPPPM yarn at the Quarter Stitch yarn shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans while we were on vacation.  Using this yarn brought back lovely memories of that trip.  I now crave beignets something fierce.

It's a particularly difficult time at my work (expected, but difficult), and I find that I simply can't bear to do anything that requires much thought when not at work.  I haven't yet succumbed to a garter stitch washcloth, but I'm rapidly headed that way.  That being said, I am so pleased with the July shipment that I've already cast on for the second pair of socks.  Lovely.


  1. Thanks! I will keep an eye out for it or maybe try to get it off of Amazon.

    Those socks look great! It's crunch time for us at work too--lots of end of year money to spend up = lots of contracts. I feel your pain, friend!

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