Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drop Stitch Scarf

Remember that yarn that wasn't sure what it wanted to be?  It decided on this:
Drop Stitch Scarf pattern, Yarntopia Treasures handpainted rayon yarn

This scarf is super easy, and it flew off the needles.  I think it was a combination of metal needles and slippery yarn.  I've also found that I do so many pairs of socks that I am amazed at how quickly projects appear when I knit on larger needles.

The pattern means that the scarf tends to stretch vertically, so it's a pretty long scarf.  I used nearly one skein of yarn, and I have one more of this same colorway left.

This yarn wants to go live with Rachel, and who am I to argue?   I've warned her that all her birthday presents may be knitwear.  

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