Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recipe #29: Fried Rice

I read Cathy Erway's blog, and her entry on fried rice made me want to try it.

I perhaps went a little too far with the "throw whatever you have into the skillet" theme.

I used leftover squacorn, which also had some spicy diced tomatoes mixed in, three peppers and a scallion from the produce bin, some chopped-up kale, some portobellos, and leftover brown jasmine rice that had some black beans mixed in.  I followed her suggestion to scramble four eggs first and then add that back into the vegetables later.

I especially liked it after I put sweet Thai chili sauce on it.  I love that stuff.  Andrew thinks the texture is a bit weird, which it is, but I'm willing to overlook it since it's so delicious (and the gelatinous-ness isn't from gelatin--I checked).  We ate this for dinner a few nights ago, and I ate the leftovers for dinner last night.

This deserves more testing, I think.  It was fine, but I think it could be fantastic.  Carry on.

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  1. I do love fried rice. Can you link which sauce you use? I'd love to try some.

    My fried rice hardly ever wavers from the rice, garam masala, peas, carrots and eggs standard. A little yawn, but very delicious.