Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe #27: Stuffed Zucchini

A friend at work gave me a gigantic zucchini.  Another friend from work gave sent me a recipe for stuffed summer squash.  Summer squash, zucchini, no huge difference, right?  Right.

I put fake sausage with the zucchini innards, and that provided most of the flavor.  I really loved this.  We ate it with tomatoes from my mom's garden (god knows I don't have any #$&*%_ tomatoes in mine) marinated in fat-free Italian dressing and sourdough bread that I stuck under the broiler.  For dessert, we had chocolate pudding with instant coffee and cinnamon thrown in with the pudding mix and fresh strawberries.  

I hesitate to even say this for fear of jinxing it, but I have three zucchinis that have begun to grow in the garden.  Perhaps someday I will not have to beg zucchini off others.  I know that zucchini is supposed to be one of those vegetables that produces so prolifically that the gardener is forced to leave zucchinis on the doorsteps of their neighbors in the dead of night, but right now that sounds like a wonderful problem to have.

Did I mention that I'm taking a Master Gardening course this fall?  I shall overcome.


  1. Hey! I am a testament that BEING a Master Gardener is no guarantee you will have zucchini nirvana as I have the veggie-less vines to prove it! (There is a plant that just does not produce--I DO remember being taught about this and more detail is probably in my notes--something to do with male/female--how one is to know which plant/seed you have is anyone's guess.) So, keep begging like I'm begging right now!

  2. I need a garden PERIOD. So kudos to you for your three pending zucchini!

    That looks delicious! But if I cook my husband one more zucchini I think he'll rebel.