Friday, August 6, 2010


I wound some yarn earlier this week and then couldn't get it out of my head.  I have two other projects going, and doing more than one at a time is very unusual for me, but I kept thinking about this yarn.

I couldn't figure out what it wanted to be.  I didn't know what size needles it wanted, what pattern it wanted, what it was destined to become.  So, I did something I do only in times of desperation: I started swatching.

I started with the one row lace scarf pattern on big needles for awhile, then decided I didn't like it.

Then I did garter stitch for awhile and didn't like that either.

Stockinette stitch -- nope.

Change needles to tiny sock needles (because by this time a day has passed and I was at lunch with limited options) and do a bit in stockinette.  Prettier, but too stiff.

Try a modified version of the one row lace pattern.  Meh.

Now I'm back at home and able to switch to a medium-sized needle for a bit in stockinette.  Better.

Did the one row lace pattern--still not loving the garter-y stitch parts.

At this point, I've decided it's time to rip.  However,when I take the swatch off the needles, I can't help but notice something...

I've made a dress for a paper doll.  Who says swatching is a waste of time?

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