Friday, June 11, 2010

Yarny Growth

My May sock club shipment was a departure. The company takes dyeing yarn very seriously. In addition to many multicolored yarns, they have primarily black yarn and primarily white yarn. These skeins still have colors other than black and white, but they are very subtle. Last year we received a Raven clan (black) yarn, and I made the socks recommended (second pair) and love them.

This shipment contained a Spirits (white) yarn.

It's called Sweet Pea, and indeed, there are small hints of blush pink and light green. Hints.

Joining a club where someone else picks what you receive means you're open to receiving stuff you wouldn't normally buy. Because of that, I've made socks with beads, socks with &$*%) tricky rosebuds, and socks with chart after chart after chart.

I didn't like either of the two patterns that came with this yarn. That was unexpected. Before, I've always either liked the yarn, one of the patterns, or both. Okay, no problem. I picked a pattern from a book by a designer I really like and cast on.

Rick pattern by Cookie A. from this book, Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR yarn in Sweet Pea

Gorgeous pattern, yes? Yes. Very pretty.

I kept knitting and admiring the pattern. Knitting. Knitting.

Today while knitting at lunch, I paused to take stock of this project. And I decided to tell myself the truth.

I don't like this yarn. I'm not going to wear cream socks. Boring white cotton socks? Yes. Brightly-colored socks that don't match anything I own? Yes. Cream socks? No.

I'm on the search for something to knit with this yarn, and I am confident I will find it through the wonders of Ravelry.

In the meantime, I would like us all to pause a moment and congratulate me that I did not spend sixteen hours of my life making a pair of socks I will never wear.



  1. Congratulations! Learning to give up things you think you MUST do in favor of things you really WANT to do is a vital part of the pursuit of happiness. Growth, indeed.


  2. After I laughed myself silly, I then paused to to think about all of the freakish yarns I bring home. I don't think I've ever bought a 'cream' yarn yet. So I totally agree with you on this one. Maybe set this aside for, oh, I don't know, a scarf? (How original of me.)