Monday, June 28, 2010

Swirly Mittens 2.0

Back in January, I knit a pair of mittens. I had problems with them.

Quite a few problems, actually.

When they were finally finished, they were beautiful. They also were too small. They eventually went to live with a friend's mom, who has super small hands. I decided that I loved the mittens enough to try to reknit them-- y'know, once the sting wore off.

It took five months, but the sting has worn off, and I have a new pair of mittens.

Look at that sexy peasant thumb!

Estonian braids!
Swirly Mittens, Knit Picks Palette yarn in Silver and Ash

A friend told me I could sell mittens like this. I explained that I would charge $100 for a pair of mittens, and that quite possibly still would have my hourly rate below minimum wage. I'm guessing there wouldn't be many takers.

They are beautiful, and I love them. They were so much easier to knit the second time around, and they fit much better. It feels good.

It is around 90 degrees where I live.


  1. Those look darling! What a great reminder that cold weather, when it finally returns, will require us to wear wooly mittens again!

  2. Beautiful! I'm so jealous of your knitting skillz.

  3. Wow! I am SUPER impressed! They are beautiful. Perhaps you could put your hands in the freezer so you can use them now? ;)

  4. Even more beautiful than the first pair! Congratulations.