Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hedera Socks

After I finished March's sock club socks, I had some time before May's arrived. I decided to pull some everyday yarn out of the stash and use a pattern I haven't used before.

This is a Cookie A pattern, and she's startlingly brilliant. This sock is supposed to be an introduction into both lace and sock-ity* patterns, so it's a pretty simple four-row lace repeat. It looks much more complicated than it is, and I love that. It also looks great in a solid colorway; I think a variegated colorway would have detracted from the pattern.

I have considered that my pictures would look better if they weren't taken a) late at night, and b) on my bathroom floor. I haven't decided how much I care though.

When I tried on these socks, I told Andrew that I felt like one was slightly smaller than the other. This happens to me a lot, and it makes me nutty. It's not a huge problem, and the difference isn't noticeable once they've been washed and blocked, but I always feel disappointed by it. It seems to always be true that the second sock is slightly smaller than the first sock knitted, which makes me think I just get impatient and want to be finished sooner than I should. ** Andrew looked at me and said, "Do you think it's possible one foot is slightly larger than the other?"

Blink, blink.

Yes, that is a possibility. I had never considered it. It wouldn't have to be a big difference--a quarter of an inch might be noticeable if you're as OCD as I am. Now I have to decide which I choose to believe, that my feet are mismatched or that I can't knit socks the same size. I haven't decided yet.

*Yes, it's a made up word. But I bet Merriam-Webster will love it. It's much catchier than sockness, which I also considered.

**Most sock patterns won't have row-by-row directions for the entire foot. They'll just say something like, "Continue in pattern until sock is 2" shorter than you want it to ultimately be. Then begin toe."


  1. So have you measured your foot yet? The sock is beautiful. I love that color.


  2. Hey, I do have one foot larger than the other! The local store said it is common, so not to worry! Isn't it amazing how someone else can come up with something so astonishing to us? Love the sock (and the picture!)

  3. That's a really cool pattern and a pretty color. Did you switch the socks on your feet after Andrew asked about your feet being different? Maybe that would help settle the debate between mismatched feet and different sized socks.
    Most right-handed people have larger left feet, and the right foot is bigger for left-handed people. Don't ask me why. (Hands/fingers aren't the same right hand fingers are a bigger ring size than my left hand fingers. What about you?) For as long as I can remember, anytime I try on shoes, I try the left one on first because it's my bigger foot. I've always wondered why is it, if most people are right handed, with larger left feet, that in so many stores only the right shoe has all the stuffing out of it ready to be tried on and the left shoe has to be laced, de-stuffed, etc. before you can try it on? Why not just have both ready? A few extra seconds getting the second shoe ready seems like smart customer service to me.