Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're Going Up!

Tonight we finished the vertical supports for the garden.

We followed the directions in the Square Foot Gardening book. We started by hammering 1/2" x 18" rebar into the ground for supports. Then we used 5' lengths of electrical conduit for the sides, cut down the ones that go across the top to 4', and connected them with elbows. That frame then sits on the rebar supports. We finished tying the trellis netting tonight.

Even though most of the veggies won't be planted until mid-May, I do have swiss chard and peas already planted. The peas have sprouted.
Grow as fast as you want, little peas! We're ready.


  1. You have no idea just ow jealous I am of you right now!!! In time, I will have some sort of garden going... I can't promise it will be an edible one, but it will be something nice.

  2. Kisma, just ask me how I feel about the garden in July when it's 95 degrees and humid and I don't want to do anything outside of the air conditioner! It's easy to be excited in the spring.

  3. Great job on the garden box! I can't wait to see stuff growing in/on it. Will you be sharing any of those peas?