Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survey Says!

The National NeedleArts Association is doing a survey to learn more about people's spending habits, the types of projects, they do, where they get their info., etc. A blog I read pointed me toward the survey, and being a Crazy Knitter, I decided they needed to know my opinions.

I got to the part where they asked how many projects you completed in 2009 and how they broke down into different categories.

Dutifully, I went to my Ravelry page and compiled my answer.

Shawl 1
Sweater 1
Scarf 8
Hat 10
Socks 15 (pair, naturally)
Gloves/Mittens 4 (pair, naturally)
Ornament/Stocking 10
Other 4*

Holy crap. I finished 53 knitting projects in 2009.

It's a wonder I get anything else done at all. Anybody want something for Christmas, 2010?

*"Other" includes the above toy dragon for my nephew, a pair of legwarmers for a friend, a dishcloth, and a pair of baby booties.


  1. LOL! Plz. add me to Xmas list: I would love a pair of "gloves" because that whole "knitting fingers" part amazes me (I already can do mitten by myself--thumbs are okay!). I am incredibly jealous--I'll have to take the survey, too and be "shamed" as I can only knit one project at a time (two if one is an scarf or cowl)!

  2. My god, you are incredible! And obsessive, but that goes unsaid. Way to go, knitter goddess!