Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome, Little Flowers

Andrew is a wonderful human being. On Friday, he spent FOUR HOURS working with the tiller on our horrible soil. He is really sore, and he has an amazing blister on one hand. He was very successful.

I could not have done it without him, and I know he only did it to make me happy. He's a keeper.

Saturday, I moved several wheelbarrows of our dirt out of the bed and moved compost into the bed. The difference between junky soil and compost is very clear.

There are a few plants that either haven't arrived or haven't sprouted from seed, so I don't have everything planted that is planned. I do have most of it though. I moved a perennial grass we had stuck in the middle of the yard, planted daisies I dug up from a friend's yard, and some plants I bought because they looked pretty. This is the right side of the bed.

This is the left side. I conveniently didn't photograph the middle because that's where the blank spots are and two very stressed plants--a lilac start and a delphinium that did not appreciate how long it took to get the bed ready. I hope they both pull out of it.

Here's a shot of the whole bed. It's between sixteen and seventeen feet long and just a couple feet wide.

This plant with little pink flowers is a Saxifraga Touran 'Neon Rose', which I've never heard of. I love it so far and hope it spreads a bit. It also comes with white flowers and a deeper pink. I planted one on each end of the bed.

Those spiky-looking plants are a new-to-me plant called the Scilla Peruviana (Caribbean Jewels). When I took it out of the pot, it was three separate bulbs. I teased them apart and planted them separately. Hopefully that didn't anger them.

This is a Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward.' I don't know anything about it except what was on the plant tag, but I think it's beautiful.

And this beauty is an Anemone 'Harmony White.' A friend has them and says they spread like crazy. I may regret it someday, but right now I think a ton of anemones sound wonderful.

Besides the planting, we had a busy Easter weekend. We spent Sunday with Andrew's family. (Easter is Andrew's. Thanksgiving is mine. We learned early on that trying to spend time with both families on those holidays made the day really unenjoyable.) I hope you all had a lovely Easter!


  1. Wow - beautiful flowers and a wonderful husband! How does it get any better than that?


  2. Hooray, beautiful flowers! (And hooray, do-right man!)