Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Through the Garden Gate

You know how you think about how you're going to write blog posts and what pictures you'll want?  You know how you get it all planned but never get around to taking the pictures and so nothing happens?

Yeah, well it's like that. The other idea wasn't all that great anyway, so I'm giving up and just showing you pictures of the Garden Gate socks. 

Garden Gate socks (mine Raveled here
knit in Dream in Color Smooshy in the Wisterious VS240 colorway 

On Ravelry, there's a place to rate the pattern's difficulty. I've always had trouble with that. If patterns are basically two stitches with some rearranging thrown in, how difficult can it be?*

I think I've been looking at it the wrong way. What if, instead of level of difficulty, I thought of it as level of attention required?

This sock requires a high level of attention. There are a lot of cables, and some of them include both a knit and purl stitch, so I can't cable them the way I'm used to (without a cable needle and without popping anything off the left needle while I work the stitches.) It wasn't exactly hard, but it required patience and attention.

Also, please, fortheloveofwool knit these with the pointiest needles you can find. I don't care if you have to whittle bamboo needle points with a table knife. It's worth it. I used my only pair of Signature needles, and I think they're the reason I was able to get these socks done without throwing anything.**

I love these socks. I think they're stunning. They're cable-y in the most perfect way.  The level of attention was worth it.

Now, let's knit something simple, shall we?

*This is not in any way to be construed that I don't screw knitting up. Constantly. I do. I just feel like I shouldn't.

**Note to self: Ask for Signature needles for Christmas.


  1. LOVE these socks! lovely job!....gonna add them to my Q!

  2. Beautiful! I love "high attention levels"... And their outcome. Never used Signature. Are they really better than Addi lace point? Is it the stickiness or the pointy-ness?

  3. Those are GORGEOUS! Well done, you!