Thursday, April 26, 2012

3KCBWDay4 Seasonability

This entry is part of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.

I knit all the time. I knit during my lunch hour. I knit on car rides. I knit in the evening after dinner. I knit in public whenever I think it won't be viewed as rude... and maybe sometimes when it might be perceived as rude.

It's harder to get excited about knitting in summer months. I live in a four-season climate. Whatever the knitting magazines say about cotton short-sleeved sweaters, I do not want to put one on my body in July. It is hot. Yarn is hotter than a cotton t-shirt, period. I don't care if it is fingering-weight cotton with a bunch of yarnovers.

When it begins to get too warm to wear knitwear, I turn to gift knitting. My personality tends toward whatever is the opposite of procrastination. (What is that word? Is there one? Timeliness doesn't seem to be it...) I want things done way ahead of schedule.

So, I knit birthday and Christmas gifts in the summer. I've knit four already am have plans for at least two more. Those people read the blog, so you'll have to wait to see them.

If I'm not knitting gifts during the summer, I'm knitting socks. I belong to Blue Moon Fiber Art's sock club, and it's very easy to get behind on knitting those projects. I like being part of a community of people who are knitting the same thing, and that gets me excited enough that I want to knit socks even when it's 95 degrees and I've lost hope that I will ever need warm knit socks again.

What do you knit in the warm weather?

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