Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Case My Fears Are True...

...and Winter never ends, I've just finished another scarf and hat for Andrew.
The scarf is the Hot and Now Scarf from Exquisite Little Knits, sort of. Andrew likes his scarves really long, so I cast on 200 stitches, and I switched colors after every three rows for a total of eight stripes. This was knit holding the yarn double on gigantic (size 13) needles, so it didn't take long at all. Of course, with 200 stitches on each row, even doing 26 rows (8 stripes x 3 rows in each stripe + cast on + bind off) feels daunting.

The scarf was made to match this hat:

Whether or not it does so is a matter still up for debate. In this picture, the hat is still wet and blocking, but as this wool hat has been wet and blocking for two full days, I've abandoned hope of getting a picture of it on a human head. This is the Fake Isle Hat, and I love it as well.
All this love is very good considering I had to put my sweater in time out. Things were going quite well until I tried to put my arm through the armhole and found that it was too small. I need some time away from it while I try to decide if I'm going to go with sewing surgery (done by my mom) or just rip it out and try to figure out how to make the armhole bigger as I knit it the second time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with the frogging option, but the thought of doing so still fills me with dread, so instead Look At Pictures of Hat and Scarf!

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  1. That scarf is darling! Well, would my calling it darling be a put-off? Anyhow, I love it! And the hat, too. On the matter of "arm hole" issues. . . I feel your pain--I try to keep in the top-down, raglan category for that very reason so I am not left with knitting projects turning into wash cloths or trivets for the kitchen. I hate when that happens.