Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Did anyone watch the show Good Morning, Miami? Of course you didn't. Nobody did but me. I tend to like shows that nobody else likes and therefore they get canceled.

Not that I'm bitter.

Anyway, it's about a (gasp!) morning news show in (double gasp!) Miami. See how clever their title is? Constance Zimmer plays a sarcastic employee, and Mark Feuerstein plays the guy determined to turn the show around.

At a staff meeting, Jake (Feuerstein) announces that their age 18-56 male demographic is up X%. Penny (Zimmer) remarks with fake excitement, "Oh, good! We got Bob back!"

I was reminded of this when I noticed I had another blog follower. I'm now up to eight or some other number that can be counted on two hands.

Thanks, Bob*! Welcome to my blog. Unlike Penny, my excitement is not fake. I appreciate that you are reading.

*Not her real name, although that would make for a more linear line of thought.

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