Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Failure vs. Fear

You remember my friend Lynn. Recently she sent me an e-mail about something she'd read. The author encouraged the reader to complete this sentence:

If I were not afraid, I would....

Lynn initially thought this would be the same thing as answering the question, "What would I do if I knew I could not fail?" That's inscribed on a paperweight I own and has led me to do some interesting things*.

However, what she found was that her answers were different depending on which question she asked herself. The things she was afraid of were not necessarily the things she would do if she knew she could not fail.

I made my own lists, and my lists were different as well.

This idea of what I would do if I were unafraid is still new for me, but it's been persistently rattling around since Lynn brought it up. I wanted to throw it out into the universe and see if anyone else was interested in making his/her own list. You might find it interesting, and you might not. I, for one, think this is going to lead me somewhere new.

*I have made absolutely no progress on the meditating, by the way. It's still on my list.

1 comment:

  1. I've got one: If I were not afraid, I would learn how to scuba dive. I'm intensely jealous of people who can do this and see the most amazing things underwater. I enjoy being on, near, and surrounded by water but any sort of activity that involves me actually going UNDER water makes me very uncomfortable. Scuba diving terrifies me.