Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fucus asparagoides Shawl

Hunter Hammersen is doing knitalongs for her most recent book. This series of books is organized with two projects (usually one sock and one non-sock) per inspiration, and the knitalong goes for two months. You can knit one or both patterns to participate. I did the socks in the first one, and the shawl in the second. I like the socks for the current KAL so much that I may knit them, too. I have some fab yarn Katie gave me that I think would be great in that pattern.

Anyway, to the shawl!

You start at the bottom edge, and there's lace patterning on both rows. I think it's easier to rip back when the wrong side rows are all purls, but sometimes you gotta have more lace than that. After the second complete ripping session, I was smart enough to put in a lifeline. That was good because my third and final rip went back to that lifeline. 

Once that bout was out of my system, the rest of it went really smoothly. I just had to pay attention and not let stitches jump ship while I was doing one of the decreases (the left-leaning one on the wrong side, if you're interested. I can't imagine that anyone is.)

Fucus asparagoides Shawl (mine ravelled here),
knit in indigodragonfly's Merino Sock,
Angst for the Memory colorway

The book has a photo with the model wearing this off her shoulders. It looks great, but mine doesn't feel large enough to do that. (I knit the large size.) I blocked it pretty aggressively, and it still was a bit shallower than I'd hoped. I'll probably end up wearing it like this:

Black isn't the easiest to knit with, certainly, but I think it'll get a lot more wear than a brighter color. I really like small shawls like this, and I do wear the Nefertim and Henslowe fairly often--often enough that someone at work said it was weird to see me in a scarf that wasn't knit. When great yarn and great patterns exist, why not knit all the things?


  1. I literally sighed out loud. This is SO PRETTY!....and it looks great with that dress!

  2. Beautiful! I love her patterns; deceptively easy (at least the ones I've done) but so gorgeous, so well-put-together.