Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Favorite Things

I'm in the busy season at my work, and it tends to make me slightly panicked and less likely to blog.

But I've been doing things. Saturday a friend and I went to a hummingbird banding demonstration at the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art).

They captured, banded, took a few measurements and let go several birds.

Then I took a nice walk on the grounds to get some flower time.

I have no idea what the above flower is, but it's beautiful. Below is a hibiscus.

I've become enamored by dahlias. Can you blame me?

I bought a karma chocolate dahlia that was under $4 from the IMA greenhouse. It needs a good home. Now to figure out where to plant it...

The bees loved this flower in the ravine garden.

I recently read an article in Indiana Gardening about moss planters, and that led me to make a moss terrarium for my desk at work. Here's some moss in the wild.

I'm fairly sure the perennial geraniums are trying to devour this shrub in the formal garden. My impression might be biased by the fact that I watched a community theater production of Little Shop of Horrors Saturday night.

There was zero sun, so the sun dial wasn't much help.

But the rain certainly was beautiful.

Here's a view into the formal garden.

And the edge of my very favorite, the ravine garden.

This view is seen from the back of the Lilly House.

I love photos like these. I find paths simultaneously very peaceful and invigorating. WALK ME.

Inside the greenhouse, I visited with some orchids, like you do.

The white one is a phalaenopsis. I'm not sure what the red one is. My mom has great luck with orchids and has many different colors of the phalaenopsis type. I have one miniature one that I bought at Trader Joe's on a whim. I'm waiting to see if I can keep it alive before buying any more.

The plant visit was just what I needed. I'm really grateful to have such a lovely place to walk so close to home.

Knitting pictures tomorrow!

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  1. wonderful. It's fun for me to see flowers when just about everything looks like straw here lately.....except for my rose bush. I think I need to take pictures of it. It is blooming like crazy in the midst of all this heat. It must think it's dying?