Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have a lot of sock yarn. I have so much sock yarn that I have accepted that not all of it should become socks.

Enter Nefertim.

Nefertim (mine ravelled here) knit in madelinetosh pashmina, Black Velvet colorway

It starts with two stitches (top center) and rapidly increases. It's plain stockinette with regularly-spaced increases and then POW! a lotus border. It ends with an odd bind off that required a crochet hook and a Debbie Stoller's book. I like the bind off, and it wasn't as difficult as I feared.

The yarn is... luminescent. It's shiny and soft and lovely. Part of me was sad it won't be on my feet since it would have more skin contact that way, but then I realized I could just wear it topless and have the same experience. Problem solved.


  1. I like this one. I mean, socks are cool, but they're always so...hidden.

  2. LOL-ing. You are awesome. So awesome.

  3. for skin contact, you could also tie it around your waist as a swim coverup. Very pretty! :)