Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zen Moment

Sometimes Often I get so focused on getting the project finished that I don't actually enjoy it.

Zigzag socks (mine ravelled here)
(The color is discontinued, so buy it now if you want it. It's a slightly rose-y pink.)

These socks are for my mom. I don't need them until Christmas. They're a 16 row repeat that's easy to follow. 

Today at lunch, I had a Zen moment. I was able to feel the enjoyment of using very nice, very sharp needles to make easy, even stitches.

I don't have them often, despite my Buddhist leanings, but they're glorious when they arrive.

Koan: Is a sock that has been frogged still a sock?


  1. Ah! The mysteries of life... There are socks around us everywhere, waiting to be knit - again.