Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Blow for Science

I was a biology minor in college, and I have a healthy respect for the scientific method. I often find myself frustrated that life doesn't lend itself to careful testing, finding the problem by systematically eliminating variables.

Knitting gives me that opportunity. I frogged the socks and am ready to start the pattern again.

The yarn is clearly the main problem, but it's also possible that knitting toe-up and using square needles in that particular size were problems. If I want to really confirm that the problem was with the yarn, I should just switch out the yarn and keep all the other variables the same.

Of course, if it's not just the yarn, I'd need to go back to the original yarn and switch out something else.

Now I remember. The scientific method takes too long and makes you test things you know aren't going to work.

I'm trying again with these variables: new yarn, new shape of needle, new needle size, same pattern, knitting toe-up.

Sorry, Science. Maybe next time.


  1. Oh, come on! Don't blame those needles! Size, yes, shape,? No way that could matter??

  2. Genius! There's nothing wrong with taking educated short-cuts, surely? And at least you know that your method isn't scientific, which is more than can be said for most of the world!