Saturday, April 12, 2014


The Curveball socks are finished. And not a moment too soon, let me tell you.

Curveball (mine ravelled here),
knit in Cascade Heritage colorway 5662

They're very pretty, and I will wear them all the time. I've found that I do not have enough red socks. The only other plain red ones I have are the Be Mine socks. Turns out that I wear red a lot.

But oh my wool, they took attention to knit. There's nothing wrong with the pattern. However, it's exactly the kind of pattern I don't enjoy knitting: Lots of purls and the sort of pattern that leaves me tied to the chart.

One would think that I would learn that this isn't the sort of sock I find fun to knit. I mean, it's not the first time I've done this to myself. Remember the Inlays? Tons of twisted cables and tied to the chart. How about Garden Gate? Those were even harder than the Curveball socks.

Yes, these are really cool. Yes, I love baseball. I love knitting. I love socks. Therefore I love these knit socks that celebrate baseball.

But seriously, a note to self: Stop doing this. Find easier patterns. You do not get extra credit for knitting hard stuff that makes you grumpy. Knitting is supposed to be fun.

In that spirit, I've started a pair of broken rib socks for Andrew. Much better.

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  1. Well, they look great! all those perfect baseballs!!!! I don't mind being tied to a chart for tv knitting, but I have to have something more basic for on the go knitting. How pretty are those broken ribs!