Monday, April 28, 2014


It's a sentiment that's echoed across great swaths of our country right now: I am so grateful for Spring. Grateful for green grass and sprouting perennials and gentle rain instead of snow.

I've mowed our little yard twice and feel thankful to need to do this chore.

This weekend I went to the IMA Perennial Plant Sale at our art museum. The grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of my very favorite places. Each year they bring in perennials and have a weekend event to raise money for the museum. (The awesome list of plants is here. The only plant I wanted that they didn't have from the list was the Phlox paniculata Mystic Green.)  The sale is very busy and very well organized, and they always have interesting perennials I wouldn't find at a big box gardening store.

I came home with some gorgeous plants. Most of them are still small and not blooming, but I can show you pictures from the magic of the Internet that will show what they hopefully will become.

These are a few plants I bought.
Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' image from here

Echinacea 'Pink Poodle' image from here

Linum Perenne 'Blue Sapphire' image from here

I also bought another Heuchera, and a couple wild gingers, an impulse green Rudbeckia, and... 

I planted them yesterday and it rained last night. That always feels like a gift from the Universe, a blessing to welcome the plants to their new home.

Knitting has slowed down now that there's green outside, but I do have something on the needles. Being lace, it looks like a wad of ick, but I have faith it will turn out okay.

Utsukushii (mine ravelled here), 

Happy Spring!

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  1. So love those plants you selected! The shawl is going to be gorgeous--love the color. Knitting has paused a bit for me, too. It's the nature of knitting though I never really stop.