Monday, February 6, 2012

Simply Wonderful

On Saturday, Andrew and I went to my nephew's basketball game.  It was the same gym I used for junior high P.E, so there was a certain amount of emotional trauma in being back in that space. No, I can't climb a rope. How is that even physically possible?

Afterward, Andrew, Mom and I took a road trip to Fort Wayne. We had planned to do this a couple weeks ago but were stymied by ice. Indiana weather was cooperative this weekend, probably due to the copious sacrifices to the gods by the Super Bowl committee. Naturally, with the Super Bowl in town, we wanted to get out of town. We're clever that way.

Our destination?

This place is 3500 sq. ft. of sock yarn. It's only open a day or two a week. Most of their business is online. It's a stunning building--old with black and white floors and high ceilings.

And yarn. So much yarn.
The main part of the floor was filled with black bookcases (I'm thinking Ikea Expedits) filled with yumminess, and the walls were full as well.

It was so lovely it hurt just a little bit.

There were a lot of dyers that I had read about but never touched, and I spent a good hour wandering about squeezing yarn. Andrew and Mom both found yarn they loved, and I bought lots of yarn as well as my first pair of square dpns. It was a lovely trip, and we did our part to boost the Fort Wayne economy.

After the fiber frenzy, we went to the Loving Cafe for dinner.

It was a great hippy vegan restaurant. It's difficult to explain how exciting it is to look at a menu and know that nothing needs to be eliminated from my consideration because of its ingredients. I really feel for people who have Celiac Disease or are lactose intolerant. At least I chose my dietary restrictions. I had a vegan BLT, some fries, and a spring roll. DELICIOUS. Mom and Andrew, both omnivores, liked the food as well. I wish they had a restaurant in Indy.

It was a great day, and I'll get to enjoy the yarn for a long time to come.


  1. What a great day! Except of course for the climbing the rope memory - that's a shame. Otherwise, it sounds like the perfect day.


  2. That wall of BEAUTIFUL yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delicious! Vanessa xxx