Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moral Force

Knitty's blog directed my attention to an article from The Guardian's archives, originally published on Feb. 10, 1962.

I was especially taken by this quote:
The urge to knit is surely the most moral force in the world. Knitting is industrious, economical, virtuous, therapeutic, mildly creative and above all tranquillising. Research would show that knitting wives never become nervous wrecks and that it is never knitting girls who break up happy homes. Conversely it would be found that the Other Woman never knits.
I take offense to "mildly creative," but it's nice to have proof that knitters never become nervous wrecks and nonknitters are hussies. Isn't that what we've always suspected?

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  1. LoL! This is priceless. Just read to DH and he is relieved to hear this!